Custom App Creation

(and other stuff too)

Our formula?

3 friends + the interwebz + hard work

Our Portfolio

Photo Frenzy

Nailed it! Way better than the original 4 pics 1 word!
- Timothy Smith

Raise The Bar

"Thanks so much for the beautiful UI, and the simplicity, and the wonderful Level up concept"
- Vikie Theriault

JourneyOn Today

The very first paid project afewguys created!

Our Team

  • Yup. There's 3 of us.
  • We're proud of our small team and big projects.
  • There's very little we can't create.

We intend to publish the most creative, polished, and fun games/apps/tools we can

23 | Albany, NY

Software Engineer/Dev.

(he writes code)

22 | Middletown, NY

Software Engineer/Dev.

(he writes code)

26 | Nashville, TN


(he makes designs)

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